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The Surf Grunges is the 9th episode of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.

Plot Summary[]

The episode begins with Teddy and Grubby questioning if they're going the right way or not. After some maneuvering by Gimmick, the three continue North in their quest to M.A.V.O. Headquarters. As they go along, Tweeg and L.B. are still in pursuit.

After realizing that Gimmick's compass is not working properly, the group decides to land on Ben's Beach. Watching them touch down, Tweeg and L.B. plot to steal The Crystals from the trio once it is dark.

The group meets the Surf Grunges.

A group of Surf Grunges approach The Airship, curious about what it could be. Jethro, the leader of the Surf Grunges, introduces the group to the protagonists before hurrying back out to surf once again. After failing to fix Gimmick's compass again, the three are convinced to stay a while longer and surf alongside the Grunges.

After watching the others surf, Grubby decides to use the Reducing Machine to enlarge a surfboard of his own to use. The beam of the machine misses, however, and Grubby ends up enlarging the waves instead, causing a massive wave to spill over the beach. As the group cleans up, they realize that the Reducing Machine has even made the salt crystals in the water bigger.

The Grunges, who are still taken aback by the size of the wave, begin to sing a song about the only Grunge they know who could've rode it; Elroy. Elroy is revealed to be the former husband of Eleanor Tweeg who eventually surfed away to escape her and the rest of Grundo as well. The Grunges tell the trio that they saw Tweeg hanging around the beach.

Ginnie tells the story of Elroy Tweeg.

Grubby is confused as to why Tweeg and L.B. would be following them if they already had The Crystals. Teddy explains that they don't have all of The Crystals, as the one in the Reducing Machine is still there. Picking up some of the enlarged salt crystals, Teddy tells the others that he has a plan to throw Tweeg and L.B. off, but they must wait until dusk.

Teddy reveals that he has switched The Crystals with salt ones.

Once night falls and the group is asleep, Tweeg and L.B. begin to sneak around and steal The Crystal from Teddy. Convinced they are now rich, the both of them run back to their cart as fast as they can. After the two are gone, the others wake up and Gimmick congratulates Teddy on having the idea to switch the real Crystal with one of the salt ones. Jody takes the real Crystal out of her guitar, and the trio prepares to venture out to M.A.V.O.