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Teddy Ruxpin is the main protagonist of The World of Teddy Ruxpin series. He hails from the southern island country of Rillonia, and was originally created by Alchemy II.

Physical Appearance[]

Teddy, like most Illiops, is short and stocky in stature. He has dark brown eyes and fur. His signature outfit is a red bodysuit with a tan tunic worn over it. He has also been spotted wearing a backpack on some occasions. 

Since 2017, Teddy has been portrayed with lighter brown fur and blue eyes, as well as sporting an orange shirt, denim shorts, and a tan vest.


Teddy is much like the other, reserved Rillonian Illiops, but he has always known he has something special within him: a spirit of adventure. Kind, caring, and brave, Teddy is the kind of Illiop to stop and help his friends (especially Grubby and Gimmick),  and even those he doesn't know. He always stands up for what is right, even if others (namely M.A.V.O.) seek to stop him.

Teddy is a dedicated son to both his parents, Ilana and Burl (taking after his adventurous father especially)


Adventure (Book and Tape) Series[]

Teddy's first appearance is in The Airship, the beginning of the Adventure Series. Much of his kind and caring personality is developed in the books, as is his relationships with his friends and enemies (usually Tweeg and L.B., as M.A.V.O. is virtually non-existent). Many more songs are sung by Teddy in the Adventure series due to the toy being the ideal medium for them to be enjoyed.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin[]

Teddy appears in nearly all of the episodes of the cartoon series. Teddy's vast backstory and family history is explained throughout the series, and the viewer gains a much deeper understanding of his character through it. Teddy is quite similar to his Adventure series counterpart, but with some differences. He does occasionally fall short of himself, something not usually seen in the books. Though caring a lot for his friends, he has been shown to grow frustrated when he is not taken seriously.



Teddy's old appearance as Simian Greep.

  • Teddy's original, working name was "Simian Greep". This was later changed due to fears of "Greep" sounding too much like "Geek".
  • Teddy's name originally belonged to Prince Arin, but Ken Forsse liked it so much that he gave it to Teddy.
  • Since Teddy Ruxpin's debut in 1985, his design was only changed four times. In 1993, the french version of the Playskool release was given a blue turtleneck. The 1998 YES! Ent. release gave him a red shirt and blue pants. The 2017 WCT Teddy gave him a orange undershirt, V-Neck vest, and denim shorts.
  • In 2017 Wicked Cool Toys became the master toy partner for Teddy Ruxpin. WCT went through many designs for the new Teddy but the one they chose moderned up the illiop we know and love. He now has a vest with an orange undershirt, and is sporting denim shorts. Unlike the other teddies this one was all digital with an app for the story books.