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Quellor is the secondary main villain in the Teddy Ruxpin series, and the Supreme Oppressor of the organization M.A.V.O.

Physical Description[]

Quellor is a tall creature of unknown species. His true face is never seen, as it is disguised by the dark, heavy robes he always wears. All that can be made out are his eyes, which are usually white or yellow in color.

Quellor's voice is often distorted, sounding almost echoed.


Quellor is perhaps the smartest villain in Grundo, and in Ying as well. Cold, calculating, and cruel, Quellor will do whatever it takes to remain in control at all times. He is not, however, infallible, as he has had his share of shortcomings as well. Despite this, Quellor still manages to be a definite threat to all.


The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin[]

As Quellor did not originally appear in the original Adventure Series stories, he marks his entrance in the later cartoon series. He remains the Supreme Oppressor for most of the duration of the show, though has sometimes been usurped and had this position taken from him. Most of his failures come at the hands of his three henchmen, SludgeDrudge, and Trudge.

Quellor is the last character seen in the final episode of the series, ruing to capture Teddy Ruxpin and retrieve The Crystals in order to throw all of Grundo into eternal darkness.


  • Quellor has a rat-like bat creature named Dweezil for a pet. He has used Dweezil to send secret messages on several occasions.