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L.B., or Lead Bounder, is the Bounder assistant to Tweeg, serving as his right-hand man in many cases. He appears in both the cartoon series and the Adventure Series stories.

Physical Description[]

L.B. is quite similar in appearance to the other lighter-colored (though not quite pink) Bounders. He is bright red with a tuft of pinkish colored fur surrounding the base of his horn, which is slightly more curved than that of other Bounders.


L.B. is very quick-witted, snappish, and wise-cracking. He is quite a lot smarter than his Bounder brethren, and would always rather snap a joke, usually at the expense of Tweeg. He doesn't care about many things except for Tweeg and Buffy, a female Bounder for whom he has affections. By staying with Tweeg, he hopes to get paid for his services, but ultimately, never will. Despite this, he oddly sticks around anyway, perhaps a lingering trust towards his boss.


Adventure (Book and Tape) Series[]

L.B. has a much smaller role in the original books than he does in the later cartoon series. He is also far less snappish, usually just taking on the generic mean sidekick persona. His voice is much lower than in the show, due to his voice actor being Tony Pope, who also is the voice of Gimmick in the Adventure series.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin[]

L.B. is found in many episodes of the cartoon series. It is here where his full personality is allowed to grow and develop, turning him into Tweeg's often more villanous partner, and sometimes adversary. L.B.'s love interest and later spouse Buffy is introduced in this series.

It is mentioned in several episodes that L.B. is a "Nursery School Dropout", perhaps how he came to work for Tweeg in the first place.


  • L.B.'s original name was 'Lurking Bounder' due to his frequent spying.