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Jack W. Tweeg is the main villain of the series. The only son of Eleanor and Elroy Tweeg, Tweeg is considered to be the worst villain in Grundo.

Physical Appearance

Tweeg is visually unique in that he is a hybrid of two species (a Grunge and a Troll). He is green in color with a few spots on the side of his head, just under his pointed ears. Tweeg is always found wearing a purple robe fastened with a golden clasp.


Tweeg is very much the stereotypical "weak" villain who never wins. He is quick to jump, and quick to fall. Tweeg is driven by his seemingly impossible quest to turn buttermilk into gold, and to become the Supreme Opressor of M.A.V.O. However, much to the dismay of both his mother Eleanor and Tweeg himself, he's always just short of reaching it. Tweeg is notoriously cheap, never wanting to pay his Bounder employees a thing for their work. His greed is what motivates him most, but he is often prevented from acting too seriously upon it. Though Tweeg can be rude, sneaky, and downright mean at times, he does have his moments of friendship with L.B. and even the main cast.

Tweeg makes his home in the eponymous Tweeg's Tower, though it is unknown whether he built the place himself or simply moved into it.


Adventure Series (Book and Tape)

Tweeg makes his first appearance in the book "Tweeg and the Bounders" doing what he does best: trying, (and failing!) to be the best villain in the land of Grundo. He has a much smaller role in the Adventure series, similar to how the organization M.A.V.O. does. In the books, Tweeg takes on his weak villain role a little more, as most of his "crimes" in this series are usually superficial. Even so, he does manage to give the main characters a good scare or trick every so often, with a little help from his bounder companions.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Tweeg appears in many of the episodes of the cartoon series, with several episodes focusing mainly around him. Tweeg's full potential is brought to light in the series, and he becomes a lot more than just the petty villian near Bounder Pass. Tweeg gets closer to overtaking the main characters, but as always, still falls a little short. John Koensgen gives Tweeg a much higher and more shrill voice for the series, making Tweeg seem even more unhinged and dedicated to being a real M.A.V.O. member.


  • Tweeg is one of the only named hybrid species in the series, and it is unknown if he is the only hybrid at all.
  • Tweeg's original design featured a much pointier snout and pale yellow eyes.
  • According to Ken Forsse, Tweeg was one of the earliest characters in the Teddy Ruxpin series. A model of Tweeg's Tower was built as far back as the 1960's.
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