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In the Fortress of the Wizard is the 4th episode of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin series.

Plot Summary[]

The episode begins with WoolyTeddyGrubbyArin, and Gimmick arriving at The Wizard's fortress. The Wizard is initially hesitant to let them in, but when he hears of Princess Aruzia's royal status and is paid by Arin, he changes his mind and lets all but Wooly inside.

The Wizard calls in Louie.

While the four sit down, The Wizard goes behind a curtain to radio Louie, his Grunge filmographer. Once he arrives, The Wizard asks if Louie has any film of the lost princess, which he does. While Louie puts the film on a reel, The Wizard goes back to the others.

The Wizard instructs the group to gather around a strange looking table with numbers and spinners on it. He begins to talk to the "spirits" who will tell him where Princess Aruzia is. As he asks, the Wizard presses on various buttons and pedals beneath his feet. These drive the spinner in the middle of the table, spelling out the word Gutang. 

He explains that the Gutangs live high in the Treacherous Mountains in The Hard To Find City. Using his "magic eye" (really a projector), The Wizard plays the footage that Louie took of the Gutangs capturing Princess Aruzia. The four immediately go to ready The Airship, and take off in pursuit.

Gimmick and Grubby observe The Wizard's table

Meanwhile, Tweeg and L.B. are getting closer to the city. After sliding down the rocks and breaking their cart, they spot The Airship landing nearby. Slyly, Tweeg suggests that they should disguise themselves and board the ship.

Aboard The Airship, Teddy and Arin build slingshots in order to use them against the Gutangs. Just before taking off, Tweeg comes up to the ship dressed as an old woman in need of passage to the Treacherous Mountains. Although they warn her of the danger, they decide to let her ride with them. Once landed, Tweeg and L.B. hurriedly get off the ship, accidentally dropping the real treasure map in the process. 

Princess Aruzia is freed

Up in the Hard to Find City, the Gutangs are marching around the perimeter of the city while the four attempt to get through. After disarming several guards, the group takes their uniforms and disguises themselves as Gutang warriors. Making their way to the building where Aruzia is imprisoned, they are stopped by some guards who they quickly disarmed.

Slicing off the lock to the cage with his sword, Arin frees his sister, and they embrace. The group introduces themselves to her, and they also disguise her as a Gutang. Finally, they plan their big escape.