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Grubby is Teddy Ruxpin's best friend. He is an Octopede, an eight-legged creature commonly found near water in his home country of Octogania.

Physical Appearance[]

Grubby is similar to most Octopedes in appearance, having yellow skin and orange spots. While some Octopedes wear clothes and have hair, Grubby does not. His height varies from source to source, though he is most commonly depicted as being a little taller than Teddy and Gimmick are.


Though he is a bit clumsy and adverse to danger, Grubby remains a loyal friend to Teddy and would follow him anywhere. However, Grubby can have quite a temper and be unruly when he chooses to be, though this is often food-related, as Grubby has a large appetite. Grubby has a slight drawl, and a goofy yet endearing laugh.

Grubby's favorite food is of his own make, roasted root stew.


Adventure (Book and Tape) Series[]

Grubby's first appearance is in The Airship, the beginning of the Adventure series. He is Teddy's very best friend, and an important character in virtually every story in the series. 

Grubby has a brief romantic interest in "Grubby's Romance", where he falls for a caterpillar named Karen.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin[]

Grubby appears in nearly all of the episodes in the cartoon and is essentially the very same root character as he was in the Adventure Series. Grubby's family appears in the later episodes and he is shown to have a close-knit relationship with them (especially with his youngest sister Molly).

Much like in the Adventure Series, "Grubby's Romance" follows a similar plot that ends with Karen leaving. This is not, however, Grubby's only love interest in the series, as he later falls for an Octopede named Xena, who he seems to share more chemistry with due to his history with her sailor family.


  • Earlier depictions of Grubby show him as having twelve legs instead of eight.
  • The toy Grubby was once planned to have green eyes instead of his signature blue.