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The Adventure Series, sometimes colloquially known as the Book & Tape Series, are the storybooks of the original Teddy Ruxpin stories and songs designed to be used with the talking toy, and their accompanying media, whether it be in cassette tape form or otherwise.

Original Series (1985)[]

The original Adventure Series ran from 1985 to 1987 and was produced jointly by Alchemy II and Worlds of Wonder, Teddy Ruxpin's production company at the time. The books were hardcover and until later titles, only had a portion of the words printed in them. Later incarnations of the toy used the same titles from the original series, but usually only about a dozen per release. The first Teddy Ruxpin by WOW is the only release to contain all the stories.

The first iteration of the Adventure Series utilized cassette tapes program Teddy's movements. Each set came packaged with the book and corresponding tape, and is the origin of the "book & tape series" colloquial moniker. Using specialized frequencies on one stereo channel, the tape could be played on either side in order to control the mouth and eye movements. These tapes, while indecent quality, could sometimes cause problems as they needed to play perfectly in order to animate the Teddy toy correctly.

The original lineup of stories is as follows:

  1. The Airship
  2. The Missing Princess
  3. The Story of the Faded Fobs
  4. Tweeg and the Bounders
  5. All About Bears
  6. Take A Good Look
  7. Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday
  8. Grubby's Romance
  9. Teddy and the Mudblups
  10. Teddy's Winter Adventure
  11. Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies
  12. Double Grubby
  13. The Day Teddy Met Grubby
  14. The Wooly What's-It
  15. Grunge Music
  16. The Medicine Wagon
  17. Grundo Springtime Singtime
  18. One More Spot
  19. Autumn Adventure
  20. Uncle Grubby
  21. The Mushroom Forest
  22. The Sign of a Friend
  23. The Do-Along Songbook
  24. Lost in Boggley Woods
  25. Grundo Beach Party
  26. The Third Crystal
  27. Wooly and the Giant Snowzos
  28. Tweeg Gets the Tweezles
  29. "Quiet Please"
  30. Anything in the Soup
  31. Gizmos and Gadgets
  32. Teddy Ruxpin's Christmas
  33. Teddy Ruxpin Sings Love Songs
  34. Teddy Ruxpin Summertime
  35. Lullabies II
  36. Water Safety with Teddy Ruxpin
  37. Fire Safety with Teddy Ruxpin
  38. Safe At Home With Teddy Ruxpin

Promotional and Undocumented Stories[]

NOTE: The dates listed on these pages may be inaccurate, as well as the documentation of certain titles. Please browse with caution.

  1. Teddy Ruxpin P.O.P. Display Tape
  2. Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby Display Tape
  3. Teddy Ruxpin Greatest Hits
  4. In Support of Missing Children
  5. Teddy Ruxpin Visits The Dentist
  6. Adventure in The Snow (Instant Quaker Oatmeal)
  7. Crest and Teddy Ruxpin- Sales Tape
  8. Crest Dental Promotion
  9. Welcome to the Fire Station
  10. Fire Station Facilitator Instructional Tape
  11. Fire Station Lesson I: Get Down and Roll
  12. Fire Station Lesson II: Cool It
  13. Water Safety Message
  14. Japanese Hinamatsuri Tape
  15. Unnamed Adventure Series Story featuring "Amber"
  16. U.K. Teddy Ruxpin Message - Never Go With Strangers
  17. California Table Grape Commission - Special Teddy Ruxpin Tape 
  18. Special Teddy Ruxpin Sales Tape - Larry/Rank Retail
  19. Welcome to the Hospital
  20. Teddy Ruxpin & The Forest Animals (Unreleased)

Playskool/ "Little WOW" Series (1990-1996)[]

The original Playskool Adventure Series package for "The Mushroom Forest (Adventure Series)"

When Worlds of Wonder ceased production of their original Teddy Ruxpin toy, they developed a much smaller version that was released in 1990, and was later picked up to be used as the Playskool Teddy Ruxpin. The books were now paperback, and contained all of the words to the story.

Due to their smaller size, these Adventure Series tapes came on cartridges that were similar to small 8 Tracks. These cartridges are not as easy to use as cassettes, as there is no stopping point or way to tell where they are in the story.

As Teddy was no longer as popular, only thirteen of the original thirty-eight stories were released. Those titles are: The Airship, The Do-Along Songbook, Fire Safety, Gizmos and Gadgets, Grundo Beach Party, Lost in Boggley Woods, The Mushroom Forest, "Quiet, Please", Safe at Home With Teddy Ruxpin, Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies I&II, Water Safety, and Wooly and the Giant Snowzos.